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Ad Website — Infolinks

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Smart. Reach users when they’re most engaged. Our real-time targeting platform gives you the ability to grab the attention of consumers with intent-based ads. Our smart ad units increase your traffic with an algorithm that detects the interest of the user and presents only relevant ads.

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Discover Infolinks: Advertising Powered by Intent


Ad Website — Infolinks

Discover Infolinks: Advertising and publishing

Visit us at infolinks.com and join more than 150K publishers worldwide monetizing their sites with style and ease.
Infolinks' smart platform analyses search and webpage content in real time to provide the most relevant match between content and ads. So discover how our smart ads can work for you!
Infolinks aims to provide a global advertising solution that gives value to all three ends of the advertising chain through our unique ad platform.
By extracting user intent in real-time, our technology renders high engagement ad units, and runs a keyword-based real-time bidding auction, all in order to deliver a perfectly timed, perfectly relevant ad. In doing so, Infolinks is the fourth largest marketplace of sites in the world.
Infolinks is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with an R&D Center in Tel Aviv Israel, and offices in New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires.

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Driven by powerful technology, our products provide effective advertising solutions in real-time


User-initiated expanding ad

Ad Website — Infolinks

Highly viewable ad which opens once a user engages with the page content.
Serves various ad formats including video and native in order to boost unit engagement and revenue.

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